• #BHeard Docs | The Damage Done: Gun Violence in Brooklyn

    #BHeard Docs | The Damage Done: Gun Violence in Brooklyn

    As COVID has turned life upside down for the better part of two years, a surge in gun violence has kept pace, adding to the city’s trauma.

  • DisLabeled | Series Premiere

    DisLabeled | Series Premiere

    Join comedian Brian McCarthy and other disabled designers, creators, and advocates who help him navigate his sudden vision loss with humor, innovation, and authenticity.

  • The Memories Trilogy

    The Memories Trilogy


  • 86'd | Series Premiere

    86'd | Series Premiere

    A salty comedy mini-series which follows Monica, the recent inheritor of Downstream Bar and Breakfast, as she convinces the rag-tag members of her team to participate in a staged hold up to save her family restaurant.

  • Dinette


    A series serving up smashed patriarchy with a side of pickles.

  • Laffaholics Comedy

    Laffaholics Comedy

    Real stand-up comedy out of East New York.

  • #BHeard Town Hall

    #BHeard Town Hall

    Unpack the most important issues facing Brooklyn today.

  • #BHeard: Brownsville Rising

    #BHeard: Brownsville Rising

    Brownsville Rising is a #BHeard series exploring both the pandemic’s influence on one neighborhood and the individuals rising to meet their community’s increased needs.

  • #BHeard: Pandemic in Brooklyn

    #BHeard: Pandemic in Brooklyn

    Every week, while New York City is on PAUSE, BRIC TV's #BHeard Team bring you new stories about the pande

  • BK Stories

    BK Stories

    Short documentaries illuminating the lives that light up our borough.

  • Brooklyn Made

    Brooklyn Made

    Intimate docs about the artists that make Brooklyn the creative center of the world.

  • The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom

    The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom

  • The Show About The Show

    The Show About The Show

    The surpirsingly complicated story of one man's quest to shine his light on public access television.        

  • All Hail Beth

    All Hail Beth

    From award-winning filmmaker Misha Calvert comes All Hail Beth, a show about how a single moment can change your life forever - whether you want it to or not!

  • The Future Is Then

    The Future Is Then

    A series about the future as it was in the mid-90s and who actually built it.

  • Hella Late!

    Hella Late!


Original Series

Original Series

Scripted shows brought to you by Brooklyn's best filmmakers.


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